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TTM Squeeze Indicator for TradeStation Radar Screen

List Price $299.00
Our Price $99.00
You Save $200.00 67%

The TTM Squeeze for Radar Screen indicator is to be used with Tradestation's Radar Screen. You must have Tradestation Radar Screen on your Tradestation system in order for this indicator to work. Tradestation Radar Screen is a paid feature that will need to be added in order to use the TTM Squeeze for Radar Screen. Please visit www.tradestation.comto add Radar Screen to your Tradestation account.

Note:You must have the TTM Squeeze indicator in order for the TTM Squeeze Indicator for Radar Screen to work on your Tradestation system. The TTM Squeeze Indicator for Radar Screen is only compatible with Tradestation.

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Active members can purchase the TTM Squeeze Indicator for RadarScreen for only $99.00. When you checkout make sure to enter your member email address in the order form to qualify for the discount. You will not see the member discount price until you click "Review Order".

TTM Squeeze Indicator for Radar Screen - A Few Key Points:

  • TTM Squeeze indicator for radar screen saves time screening for trades in the Squeeze
  • Screen all of the Indexes and hundreds of stocks at the same time, Forex too.
  • Hyper link it to a chart for easy screening
  • Sort via the colums: Status of the squeeze, long or short, and number of bars in the Squeeze
  • Use it on all time frames, from a one minute to a daily.

Squeeze Indicator for Radar Screen Video

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