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TTM Squeeze Indicator For TradeStation

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The TTM Squeeze indicator can be applied to the Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex markets. The TTM Squeeze Indicator works in conjunction with Tradestation!

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Active members can purchase the TTM Squeeze Indicator for only $396.00. When you checkout make sure to enter your member email address in the order form to qualify for the discount. You will not see the member discount price until you click "Review Order".

The TTM Squeeze Indicator: A Few Key Points:

  • the TTM squeeze indicator was developed to keep from going cross eyed from looking at all of the line crosses. The TTM squeeze indicator visually represents what is happening with all of the lines.
  • The TTM Squeeze Indicator is very easy strategy to learn and works on all time frames. We like the Two Minute and Five Minute time frames the best.
  • The TTM Squeeze Indicator normal signal is red dots, no trade.
  • When green dots appears, it means that the TTM squeeze indicator is on.
  • When a red dot is followed by a green dot, it means that the TTM squeeze indicator has fired, volatility is expanding.
  • The histogram(the vertical lines) is a measure of momentum; If it is blue we go long, if it is red we go short.