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New and Improved Trading Journal

List Price $107.00
Our Price $97.00
You Save $10.00 9%
Member's Only Price $67.00

ATTENTION MEMBERS: Active members can purchase the Trading Journal for only $67.00. When you checkout make sure to enter your member email address in the order form to qualify for the discount. You will not see the member discount price until you click "Review Order".

  • If you have already purchased the original Trading Journal and would like to upgrade to the new and improved version for only $18. Please call the office at 512-266-8659.

The TTM Journal is designed to help traders prove various strategies through numeric analysis and visual trends on stocks, options, single stock futures, forex, futures, and options on futures. It can also be used to help traders separate impulse trades from true strategies to see how trading accounts are affected by each.

This tool ultimately pinpoints areas where traders are weak and helps to know what strategies are most profitable. Overall the journal will benefit the beginning trader as well as the most advanced. No special spreadsheet skills are required. The journal is protected so critical calculations cannot be altered by users.  The journal does not have a default currency so any currency will be calculated correctly.  The journal has an exchange rate input for those trading instruments outside of their base currency.  The journal also allows users to hyperlink any trades that are recorded.

The journal will draw equity curves for each strategy and for each instrument traded using the strategy.  There is also a risk graph for all strategies combined.  For each strategy the journal will numerically calculate the following and much more:

  • % at risk on individual trades
  • Position size based on your designated risk
  • P/L on individual trades, groups of 25 trades, and the entire strategy
  • Average profit and loss on each trade in the group
  • % of winning verses losing trades for group of 25 trades and the entire strategy
  • % return or loss on all strategies

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