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TradeStation Sector Symbols

By John F. Carter

TradeStation Sector Symbols -- these are the main TradeStation Sector Symbols that I follow during the trading day. Some of these TradeStation Sector Symbols are based on Standard & Poors(S&P) or American Stock Exchange data and these have to have a .X at the end. Some TradeStation Sector Symbols are based off the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and they don't have the .X. Both are preceded by the $ sign. Some TradeStation Sector Symbols are ishares and are just the symbol without the $ sign or the .X. You have to be signed up for the following data feeds, each of which is about a dollar a month: American Stock Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Standard and Poors (S&P). These are the TradeStation Sector Symbols and they are highlighted in BOLD. Type them in exactly as shown in TradeStation. For example, for Aerospace TradeStation Sector Symbol type in "ITA" but for Airlines type in "$XAL.X" These symbols will be similar for other platforms such as eSignal but you will have to check with them for the proper formatting.


  • Aerospace: ITA
  • Airlines: $XAL.X
  • Banks: $BKX.X
  • Basic Materials: IYM
  • Biotech: $BTK.X
  • Broadband: BDH
  • Brokerage: $XBD.X
  • Chemical: $CEX.X
  • Coal: $SCP (no .X on this one!)
  • Computer Technology: $XCI.X
  • Comp Hardware: $HWI.X
  • Comp Software: IGV
  • Consumer: $CMR.X
  • Consumer Non-Cyclical: IYK
  • Cyclical: $CYC.X
  • Defense: $DFX.X
  • Disk Drive: $DDX.X
  • Energy: $IXE.X
  • Financial: IYF
  • Gold Index: $XAU (no .X on this one!)
  • Gold Bugs: $HUI.X
  • Gold Miner: $GDM.X
  • Health Care iShrs: IYH
  • Health Care Payor: $HMO.X
  • Health Care Provider: $RXH.X
  • Housing: $HGX (no .X on this one!)
  • Insurance iShares: IAK
  • Internet: $IIX.X
  • Medical Devices: IHI
  • Natural Gas: $XNG.X
  • Network: $NWX.X
  • Oil Index: $XOI.X
  • Oil Expl/Prd: $EPX.X
  • Oil Service: $OSX (no .X on this one!)
  • Pharmacutical: $DRG.X
  • Real Estate: IYR
  • Restaurants: $DSQ.X
  • Retail Holders: RTH
  • Semiconductor: $SOX (no .X on this one!)
  • Steel: $STQ.X
  • Technology: $PSE (no .X on this one!)
  • Telecom: $XTC.X
  • Tobacco: $TOB.X
  • Utilities: $UTY (no .X on this one!)
  • Wireless Hldr (WMH)