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Good Behavior?
John Carter 4/14/2014
Correlated assets are all behaving well here, though they are a bit stretched in terms of moves away from their 21 period EMAs on the daily charts. In other words, it's about time for some retracements. Let's dive in and take a look at the charts . . . Read More...
Wash - Rinse - Repeat
Neil Yeager 4/11/2014
Here we go again. From new highs to lows the week before Options Expiration . . . Read More...
While Stocks Gyrate, Corn Soothes
John Carter 4/10/2014
The stock market continues to gyrate like a stuffed animal with a taser attached to it, making it less fun to trade than other markets. Corn on the other hand, continues to glide in a gentle and soothing manner. Let's dive in and take a look at the charts . . . Read More...
You Can't Go Wrong With Corn, Beans and Bonds
John Carter 4/9/2014
While the correlated assets are generally a pain here, there are some markets that are moving very smoothly and creating very low stress for their holders. Let's dive in and take a look . . . Read More...
Got coffee?
Neil Yeager 4/8/2014
There are some really nice looking plays out there. Lets take a look at a few of them. . . . Read More...
Time to Buy Gold?
John Carter 4/7/2014
On Friday we saw the Nasdaq take a bath, and even the strong Dow and S&P indexes got whacked upside the head. What does this all mean? It means money is rotating into perceived safer holdings. Let's dive in and take a look at the charts . . . Read More...
Tomorrow is all about the NFP report
Neil Yeager 4/4/2014
Will a good payroll report actually be good or bad for stocks? Lets look at a few things and decide. . . . Read More...
Correlated Markets Are Confirming?
John Carter 4/3/2014
Amidst a shotgun of confusing and mixed correlated market signals, we are starting to see some coordination coming back into the market place. Bonds, yen, stocks are all essentially moving in concert, which makes the picture easier to trade . . . Read More...
When in Doubt, Buy Corn
John Carter 4/2/2014
While the correlated markets continue to gyrate like a freshly beached tuna, there are a couple of markets where the trends remain true and, more importantly, easy to follow. Let's dive in and take a look . . . Read More...
Got Corn? Today's crop report helped to boost the Ag's
Neil Yeager 4/1/2014
If the Indices are a difficult trade in your opinion, consider looking to Corn, Beans, or Gold. Lets take a look... . . . Read More...
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