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Welcome to our FAQ page. The following questions came from clients like you. If you don't find the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact us, or for trading questions please search the discussion forum.

For quick reference, please click on one of the topics below:








What is the TTM Confirmation indicator and how does it work?

The TTM Confirmation comes as part of the 5 indicator package. To use the indicator you look for 2 opposing TTMs as a confirmation to enter or exit. So if you have a red TTM going and you are short, stay short until you get two blue TTMs in the opposing direction.

If I purchase the eSignal indicators but later decide to switch to TradeStation indicators or vice versa do I have to pay for another set of trading indicators?

The indicator purchase is a one time fee. Once you purchase the indicators they are yours so if you decide to switch from eSignal to Trade Station or vice versa we would honor the original purchase and swap them for you free of cost. This does not apply to transfers for any other platform however we can make most transfers by purchasing the "Indicator Converter" found on the indicator sales page. Please note the converter does not apply to Think Or Swim Indicator's.

What are the fixes for the Scalper indicator mentioned in the day trading book "Mastering the Trade" that are not added in?

The link above includes a screen shot that demonstrates how the Scalper Alert works. In the book John talked about how this typically happens after 3 higher highs or 3 higher lows but that is not completely accurate as the indicator has a filter. The paint bars are not related to consecutive higher or lower closes but rather pivot highs and pivot lows. The Trigger bar is the first bar that has a higher low than the previous bar. The next bar that closes above the high of this trigger bar paints this previous low bar which now becomes the swing low and the beginning of a new up swing. We hope this clarifies the workings of this indicator.


I signed up for the paid day trading newsletter subscription to John or Hubert's Newsletter but have not received any emails?

The newsletter emails are only sent to those who sign up for our "free" newsletters. The email includes the free newsletter as well as the premium(paid) content. You must enter your name and email in the pop-up window on the home page to begin receiving the free emails. If you have X-ed out of it you can also enter this information under the request for a Free Trading Video of the Week on the home page. If a free video is not sent out and you do not receive an email you can go directly to our website to view the newsletters: Day Trading Videos

I signed up for the free day trading newsletter, why can't I access the newsletter on the site?

The "free" newsletter comes as series of videos you will receive nightly via email.
The newsletters on the site are paid subscriptions, the only ways to view these subscription newsletters are to become a paying member or to sign up for a 30 day trial for $7.00.

I just signed up for the free day trading video newsletter (the pop-up window that comes up when you open the home page). How is this free day trading newsletter different from the John's Newsletter that has a monthly fee?

The free newsletter is a short 2-5 minute video on market commentary or educational training. The premium content is a longer video that covers market commentary, market forecasting, trade recommendations, educational training, and much more.

Is there a online trading track record available?

No. We do not provide a track record on our educational services and recommendations. Our services are not structured around track records. We provide our services to assist members in learning how to trade on their own and not based on past performance as it is no guarantee of future performance.


What are the fees involved with the day trading chat room?

The monthly fee for the Live Trading Roomis $147.00 monthly.

Trading Journal


How do I download the Trading Journal once I purchase it?

You will receive an Order Confirmation email and this will include a link and password to download the Trading Journal. This download link will expire within 48 hours of the product purchase.


How can I add more strategy setups?


The Trading Journal is limited to 5, however if you want to track more strategies you can save the Trading Journal as a different name and list the other strategies there. Now you will have two journals.


Is it necessary to enter the contracts alphabetically?




How do I insert more rows?


The best method would be to copy the whole group and move them down, so you can have an empy row(s). Do not insert a row, as this will affect other fields.




Why am I not able to view the Discussion Forum?

The forum is only accessible to members.


How do can I particpate in the Discussion Forum?


You can either "Post New Message" which is found above the search box. Here you will submit your subject heading, type your message and/or attach an image. You have the option to check box if you would like to receive an email notification when someone replies to your post. Last steps are to Preview New Message and Submit.

The other option is to "reply" to an existing post. The 'reply' link is found at the end of the orignal message. Here you will submit your reply, type your message and/or attach an image. You have the option to check box if you would like to receive an email notification when someone replies to your post. Last steps are to Preview New Message and Submit.


Can I change how the Discussion Forum is displayed on my screen?


Yes. Once logged into the forum you will find the "Display Settings" link to the top right of the page. Here you have the option to Set Prefernces: Threads sorted by time of original Post, Threads sorted by most recent reply or Headlines only. Click 'Save Settings' and close the box. You will need to 'Refresh Screen' and the post will be displayd according to your prefernce.



How do I change my account details, cancel my subscription or view my transaction history?


Once you are logged into the site you will find the "My Account" link in the top navigation bar on the Member's Area page. There you will find the following links:

To Change Your Account Details Click here to make changes to your email address username, password or credit card information. You will need to re-enter your password before proceeding to make the chagnes. Once all changes have been made click "Apply Changes." You will get a confirmation page and will need to re-login.

To Cancel Your Subscription Click here to cancel your subscription. You will need to re-enter your password before proceeding to make the chagnes. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will "Change Account Status?:" from 'Remain Acitve' to 'Cancel Account'. Click "Apply Changes" to make the change. You will get a confirmation page and will need to re-login.

View Transaction History Click here to review your billing history. Refunds or voided transactions will not be listed here.


Where can I find an updated Sector's list?

The Sector's List can be found in our Member's only Download Library. It is located under Workspaces and is included as part of the Radar Screen workspace. You can only access the sector's list if you have Tradestation.

What do I get for becoming a member?

As a member you will have access to our Discussion Forum, Download Library, member discounts and much more. Click here to get more info: Membership Benefits

Am I considered a member if I get the Free Videos?

You are a member if you subscribed to one of our paying subscriptions. To find more information about our subscriptions click here: Subscribe Now!


What is the link to 'Digg This' for?

Digg is a place where you can share and discover content from anywhere on the web. So, if you like our articles post it on Digg. The more Diggs your submission gets it is promoted to the top of the page for others to view. What is Digg?


What is the link to 'Bookmark on' for? helps keep all of your favorite links to articles, blogs, etc in one place and easily accessible from any computer. If you found a Trading Tip you want to keep handy or share it with a friend; keep it in What is


What is the link to 'Submit to Reddit' for?

Reddit is personalized for you on what's new/popular on the web. There are links of what you have read, vote on what you liked/disliked, recommendations for you and submit intresting links to others. If you enjoyed an article put it on Reddit and send it to your freinds. Never reddit before?