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Pairs Trade Long Corn Short Nasdaq?
John Carter 3/31/2014
In terms of markets that are setting up here, there are a handful that look really good. I like the nasdaq lower here, though it is a bit extended. That said, corn is right snack dab in the middle of a buy zone. Let's dive in and take a look at the charts . . . Read More...

When in Doubt, Get You Some Bonds, Corn and Meat
John Carter 3/28/2014
While stocks continue to grind their way lower in a choppy fashion, there are some really clean setups taking shape in some of the other major markets. Let's dive in and take a look at the charts . . . Read More...

These 4 Trades Are Setting up Right Now
John Carter 3/27/2014
It's been great to get a few weeks away from the markets, and even better to dive back in and take a look with a fresh set of eyes. There are some nice setups here. Let's dive in and take a look . . . Read More...

Caution longs... Here are a few warning signs.
Neil Yeager 3/26/2014
After an inside day for the stocks and no clear market direction, it may be time to start exploring some better setups elsewhere. . . . Read More...

Looking for more follow through tomorrow?
Neil Yeager 3/25/2014
Looking at the correlated assets and we have mixed signals after options expiration. Let's see what the warning signs will tell us for Turnaround Tuesday . . . Read More...

What will stocks do next?
Neil Yeager 3/24/2014
Watch these for early signs as to the next move in stocks . . . Read More...

I see the fun really beginning after the expiration tomorrow
Neil Yeager 3/21/2014
With warning flags waving, I am thinking it gets quite interesting after the expiration tomorrow. . . . Read More...

Are the lows now in for the expiration?
Neil Yeager 3/20/2014
The lows came in on target as expected. No big surprises from Yellen today. Yen & Bonds say higher in to the expiration for stocks. . . . Read More...

FOMC, Quad Witching Expiration, & Market Divergence
Neil Yeager 3/19/2014
With the Yen, Treasuries, & Stocks all higher... Someone is wrong. I think we find out just who that is after the expiration this Friday. . . . Read More...

Don't forget the warning flags.
Neil Yeager 3/18/2014
Is this the start of the next leg up or are things really just setting up for the Fed on Wednesday and Quad Witching this Friday ? Remember to watch the Yen and the Treasuries for clues. . . . Read More...

Displaying Matches 11 thru 20 of 1902 Found BACK NEXT

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