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• is now!

•  Is this the signal that the bond move is over?

•  The Shorts Are Hoping ES 1940 Isn't Next, But it Probably Is

•  Clues in the Yen, Gold, and Bonds

•  Is the Short Squeeze on For Real or Just Another Head Fake?

•  Wait for the Extreme Moves

•  S&P and Yen Futures

•  Nice trade in the Bonds today

•  What is more important?

•  Cautiously Optimistic

•  Did The Indexes Finally Find the Bottom

•  Not surprising that we're selling off...

•  Fireworks in the Cards

•  Employment Data

•  Clues to What's in Store

•  Reverse Bungee

•  What to Look for This Year

•  Don't Give up on Crude

•  A Look at the S.C. Rally

•  A look ahead to the end of the year

•  Lite Volume Trade

•  Are we primed for a year end rally?

•  Counter Trend Tuesday

•  ZBH, emini YMH, and emini NQH in that order

•  Short ESH and here's why!!!

•  Nice Trades. Now what?

•  Volatility, FOMC, & OPEX

•  Crowded Trades and Unhappy Endings

•  It's All About the Dollar

•  Dollar Down, Yen Up, Bad for Stocks?

•  A Trade in the Treasuries?

•  Target for Your CL Short

•  Is the Euro Short Done or is it Time to Re Enter?

•  Draghi Excites the Euro

•  The Death of Oil?

•  Trade Plan for the Short Euro

•  Expecting Volatility This Week

•  Short Term Setups and Long Term Trends

•  Happy Thanksgiving

•  Bulls, Bears, and Cows

•  Setting a November EOM Target

•  My Favorite Short?

•  Numerous Reversals Today

•  Tightening up for a few Retracements

•  What to expect from the S&P

•  Some Key Levels to Note

•  Levels Not Seen Since 2003?

•  Big Moves and How to Trade Them

•  What About the Dollar Here?

•  Ready for a Ride Lower?

•  Resting up for Fireworks?

•  Trade Plan for Treasuries and Indices

•  30 Yr. Bond Vs. S&P

•  Treasuries Break Hard

•  Buy The Dips Until She Slips

•  The currencies tell the tale...

•  FOMC and the Bond Flu

•  Headed Higher?

•  Time for Some Back and Fill?

•  Drilling Deep

Displaying Matches 1 thru 60 of 2552 Found  NEXT