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Trading Indicators

Day Trading Indicators Day traders rely on many different technical indicators to help them decide if and when to enter or exit a trade. It is important that a day trader find the right indicator to match his or her trading personality. It is also important that a day trader does not go indicator hopping. Instead, day traders should stick with a set of indicators and a set trading plan to figure out if it is the right indicator and plan for them and their trading.

There are the 5 main indicators that John Carter and Hubert Senters use on their charts. These include the TTM Squeeze Indicator, TTM Scalper Indicator, TTM Trend Indicator, TTM Bricks Indicator and the TTM Auto Pivots Pivots. All these day trading indicators can be applied to online stock trading, online options trading, online futures trading and the Forex trading markets. These day trading indicators are also compatible with Tradestation trading software, eSignal, Ninja Trader, and Sierra charts.

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TTM Squeeze Indicator

The Squeeze Indicator is a volatility play which utilizes and combines the following indicators with these settings: the Bollinger Bands with a setting of 20 and 2.0, the Keltner Channels with a setting of 20 and 1.5, and a momentum oscillator with a setting of 12. Theses settings can be programmed into easy language on TradeStation to get the visual representation of the indicator at the bottom of the screen (note if you are not a programmer the indicator is available for purchase and download on this site). The squeeze indicator was developed to keep from going cross eyed from looking at all of the line crosses.

The TTM Squeeze Indicator is very easy strategy to learn day trading online and works on all time frames. The TTM Squeeze Two Minute and Five Minute time frames are preferred by our traders. The Squeeze Indicator normal signal is red dots, which means "no trade." When green dots appear on the TTM Squeeze Indicator, it means that the squeeze indicator is on. When a green dot is followed by a red dot, it means that the TTM Squeeze indicator has fired, volatility is expanding. The histogram (the vertical lines) is a measure of momentum. If it is blue we go long in our trade, if it is red we go short in our trade.

For more information and videos on the TTM Squeeze Indicator: Click Here

TTM Scalper Indicator

The TTM Scalper Indicator is a visual way to help determine whether to buy or sell against a pivot level while day trading online. The Scalper measures the price action of the market.

A white paint bar on the TTM scalper Indicator marks a "pivot high" or "pivot low." This is done after 3 higher closes or 3 lower closes. The faster the time frame, the faster the TTM scalper confirmation.

For more information and videos on the TTM Scalper Indicator: Click Here

TTM Trend Indicator

The TTM Trend Indicators is a visual technique that eliminates irregularities from a normal chart, offering a better picture of trends and consolidations.

For more information and videos on the TTM Trend Indicator: Click Here

TTM Bricks Indicator

The TTM Brick indicator visually depicts 3 consecutive higher closes = up. The TTM Bricks Indicator also depicts 3 consecutive lower closes = down

For more information and videos on the TTM Bricks Indicator: Click Here

TTM Auto Pivots Indicator

The benefit of the TTM Auto Pivots Indicator strategy is that the day trades are clearly setup before day trading online begins every morning. Once the TTM Auto Pivots Indicator is set up, the majority of the day trader's time is spent waiting for a particular price level to be reached in order to initiate a day trade. The TTM Auto Pivot indicator is also very useful if your weakness as a day trader is making "impulsive trades".

For more information and videos on the TTM Auto Pivots Indicator: Click Here

There are several ways to learn day trading using these indicators. Take a look at our section on day trading indicators to see how they can all work together in the markets. Many people also choose to purchase one of our recorded seminars, or live seminars for more background on these indicators. There is also a day trading chat room where day traders can see John Carter and Hubert Senters teaching and trading these indicators live.

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